Monday, June 16, 2014

my adventer (பப்புவின் டைரியிலிருந்து) ;-)

 பப்புவோட முதல் விமான பயணம். அவளோட, இத்துபோன டைரியில இருந்து, அவளுக்கு தெரியாம சுட்டது. :-)


my adventer

In 19/5/14 me and my mother and my grandmother woke up so early because we are going on a wonderful trip. We got ready and my mother had a surprice for me.  It was, we are going on airoplane. Ao, auto arrived, we got ready.

I packed my lucage, I helped my mother to get ready.  In exsitment, we went to the airport.We took our lucage and got our boarding pases.

They checked our bags.They told us not to bring sisors  and liquids. We put our bag tags.

We waited. They tour (tore) our boarding pases and send us in. The plane started moving.

I thought I would get whoumit. The airoplane took off, when we went up. I was really enjoying,  but I did not womit. We went high. A whole city looked like a sime (SIM) card and the houses looked like memoryis in the sim card.

We went high and high.We went top of every cloud.We saw it is moving so closer.

You know, we could almost touch it. We saw the clouds changing its shapes. I loved the view.amazing. That was the best part of my life. That was best of all. I felt so happy. Then I felt how much she takes care of me. I wanted to be thank full to her and at last we landed on
Deli (Delhi) in tow hours. I thanked my mother.

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