Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Interstellar - நானே எனக்கு மகனான‌ கதை ;)

 We went to Interstellar Saturday(நோலன் எப்படி குழப்பியிருக்கார் பார்த்தீங்களா! நாங்க போனது சன்டே!). It was about space. I loved that movie so much.

The main characters are Cooper,Murph and Tom. Cooper is a dad for Murph and Tom. The story goes like this. Once there was a house with a family, except any mother.

The father is a farmer and a good astronaut. One day in the night they go in wandering for something, then they enter a secret place.They meet professor who is working on saving earth.
So, he asked Cooper if he can ride the rocket, the professor built.

The professor set the rocket like if they find any other earth with living planet they can return.But in the end he somehow returns .

 He becomes 124 years old but looks like 42, but Murph was in her death bed. When they both meet together it look like Cooper is the son of Murph.

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